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Why Choose Steel Events?

  • It is a free service

  • Single point of contact

    Steel Events will be your main contact for the organising of your event

  • Easy solution to venue finding

    We are the specialists

  • Customer Service

    We offer the highest level of customer service in a professional and friendly manner

  • Saves you time

    We will do the work for you

  • Saves you money

    With years of negotiation practice we will ensure you receive the best price

  • 13 Years Experience

    With 13 years hotel experience we understand what makes an event a success and we will ensure your brief is met

How Does Steel Events Work?

We will help you every step of the way in organising a successful event. After enquiring with Steel Events, we will contact you to discuss the details of your event including location, numbers and your budget so we fully understand what you need to achieve with your event.

Sourcing venues on your behalf, we will present a full proposal with a minimum of three suitable venues and be available to answer any questions you may have. We can arrange inspection visits and help you decide which is the correct venue for your event. We will then work with your chosen venue to draw up a contract according to your requirements and deliver a package tailored to you.

We will be the link between you and the venue ensuring all your needs are met making both the event and the day run as efficiently as possible.

0114 268 2125